Tickets to the biggest arcade exhibition in Central Europe (3-5 November, 2017) are now available! 

Online ticket sale is comfortably available here, or in person, in one of the 400 Interticket ticket shops.

Please allow us to share a memory from 2016 - leading Hungarian news portal paid us a visit before the opening. The result can be checked here (in Hungarian, with great pics).
Darth Maul, an extended Star Wars corner, Hercules the biggest pinball machine in the world (only playable at Arcadia in Hungary) and some other machines and figures featured in the article will come back this November, too. However there will be a plethora of novelties, too! For instance, we will double the number of arcade video cabinets: 100 of these miracle machines will be available this year. Further details, surprises of the coming event (and memories of last year) are coming up shortly! You can find the first 40 of this year's machines here - we will reveal the next 40 soon!