According to a famous saying, there is nothing more luxurious than eating while you read—unless it be reading while you eat. Replace 'eating' with 'playing pinball' - and it's quite true, too!

The breakfast of champions (rather, it is the dinner of champions on weekdays), hot sandwich is baked by our collegaue Gábor, who is in fact a real cook. We have selected the most pinball-compatible chips brand into our snack assortment - which is Pringles. Visitors may want to wash it down with one of the sixty different kinds of soft drinks. The collection runs the gamut from the still mineral water to the non-alcoholic ginger beers (3 different kinds). We have exotic beverages from Rubicon, the taste of pomegranade, lychee, guava, maracuya and mango. As for the 'American lifestyle', we also have cherry and vanilla from Dr. Peppers, or green cola (the colour of the can, not the actual drink ).

So, all this is at the reach of your hand at the snack bar... in case you may need some refreshments while playing.