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“Different and really fun!”
After looking on TripAdvisor for things to do in Budapest, this has to be a must! We spent our last evening looking around here, there are so many different sorts of machines to explore, some must be so so old but had great fun playing and looking around. There are other games other than pinball and the staff are really engaging and friendly making the experience much more interesting. There are refreshments and other products available to buy here. MUST VISIT!

“Great place for grownups and children”
There are so many types of pinball machines, but not only them and other arcade games, the place is ideal to lose a rainy day or two. After you pay the entrance fee you can play on any machine you like. There is even a bar ready for your refreshment. Next time in Budapest I'm coming here again :)


“Lots of fun”
Actually not that hard to find: once you turn the corner into the street, it's a door one step below street level with a clear sign. You then walk down into the series of cellars which are decorated brightly and when we went around 9pm on a Wednesday it was quite busy with a party in one of the back rooms. It therefore feels cosy, enjoyable and companionable, as everyone moves between the free pinball museums. We rediscovered some childhood games. There are a few alternative machines similar to table football which were cool, and a few historical games from the 1930s which were also cool. Very reasonably priced, and has a bar.

Spotted this first on TripAdvisor and very glad. It was a great evenings entertainment and would highly recommend. It is undoubtedly off the beaten track but you can take the metro to one of two equidistant stops then it's about fifteen minutes walking. You can check your coats as part of the entrance fee. The noise inside is like being in Vegas with all the machines going off at different times but it's such fun. Each machine is set to free play and its history Is displayed on a board on top. They go way back to the fifties and even earlier so it is a real trip down memory lane for all ages - and all ages were represented when we were there. The tables are spaced enough to play side by side but packed into combed underground cellars making the whole network of caves glow with the warm, bright, colourful lights. It is spotlessly clean and there's a little bar area to have refreshments or just a seat. Toilets are clean too. Highly recommend for pinball fans and their families/spouses who don't even realise yet how much they will enjoy it.

“Hidden gem"
They have a ton a games from ancient to new and not just pinball. Old school bowling and roller ball soccer were really fun. The guys who work there really love the games.

“Amazing! ”
Amazing! I didn't expect to have so much fun! Made my day, heck the whole trip to Budapest! Place is run by great fellas, thank you so much! Awesome!!! Plus excellent prices, really a business from the heart.